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Vacuum Forming Upper

Data dell'alberino: 2018/07/31 10:28:11
Data estinta: 2018/08/14 23:59:59
Il commercio conduce la categoria: Mascherine di calzatura
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Industria Co., srl di Yu del cavo
  • Persona di contatto:Chen Chan An
  • Telefono:886-4-7866795
  • Fax:886-4-7860751
  • Indirizzo:No. 829, Sec 2. Chang-Yuan Rd. Chang Sha Vill., Hua Tan Hsiang, Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan
  • Città:CHANGHUA
  • Paese/Regione:Taiwan


New Product-Vacuum Forming Upper
  1. Able to maintain the original plasticity softness and elasticity.
  2. One-step forming without sewing needle operation.
  3. The texture on the surface can present the various texture in the same time.
  4. Designs, materials and mass production are fast and easy.
  5. Both TPU sponge leather and sandwich mesh fabric can produce.