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  • Paese/Regione: Taiwan
  • Città: Changhua
  • Persona di contatto: Mr. Chen Chan An
  • Telefono: 886-4-7866795
  • Fax: 886-4-7860751
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  Flat Heat Transfer

Printed heat transfer film for slipper flat transfer Technology Transfer available, supply transfer film and transfer machine Advanced printed flat transfer film for EVA, PVC, PU, ABS, PP, etc. A ...

Data estinta:
08/29/2018 23:59:59

Data dell'alberino:
08/15/2018 09:50:32

  Flat Heat Transfer Machine

Multi-purpose. Do flat heat transferring on the footwear's sole(flip flop, slipper...). Transfer logo on straps or gloves.

Data estinta:
09/17/2018 23:59:59

Data dell'alberino:
07/19/2018 13:19:05

  3D Printing

Heat transfer Film for slippers, sandals, bicycle seat, uppers and available for other plastics. Technology Transfer available, supply transfer film and transfer machine Perfect 3D transfer print ...

Data estinta:
10/07/2018 23:59:59

Data dell'alberino:
07/19/2018 13:29:02

  3D Heat Transfer Machine

Product Name: Curved Surface Heat Transfer Machine Product Features: semi-automatic machine, easy to operate, Three pairs a time within 24 seconds, transfer in a fast speed Electric power: 110V/ ...

Data estinta:
10/13/2018 23:59:59

Data dell'alberino:
06/19/2018 00:00:00

  Vacuum Forming Upper

New Product-Vacuum Forming Upper Able to maintain the original plasticity softness and elasticity. One-step forming without sewing needle operation. The texture on the surface can present the var ...

Data estinta:
11/14/2018 23:59:59

Data dell'alberino:
07/17/2018 14:10:44