China Kerrian Medical Dressing Machinery Co., Ltd

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  • Paese/Regione: La Cina (continente)
  • Provincia: Hubei
  • Persona di contatto: Mrs. Missy Wang
  • Telefono: 86-159-71248518
  • Fax: 86-159-71248518
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Our company is engaged in design, produce and delivering medical dressing making and packing machines to worldwide, we supply you the machines with good quality and reasonable price, these machines have been delivered to worldwide and won very good reputation. MAINLY INCLUDING: GAUZE: 1. GAUZE SLITTING AND REWINDING MACHINE 2. GAUZE FOLDING AND ROLLING MACHINE 3.4-PLY GAUZE ROLL MAKING MACHINE 4. GAUZE SWAB/GAUZE SPONGE/GAUZE COMPRESS FOLDING MACHINE 5. GAUZE PRE-FOLDING MACHINE 6. GAUZE SWAB PNEUMATIC PACKER 7. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GAUZE FOLDING AND PERM X-RAY MACHINE BANDAGE: 1. AUTOMATIC CORELESS BANDAGE WINDING MACHINE 2. CRINKLE/CREPE BANDAG... [ Click for detail ]

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Nome di azienda China Kerrian Medical Dressing Machinery Co., Ltd
Pæse d'origine La Cina (continente)
Condizione/Provincia Hubei
Indirizzo Xiaogan, Hubei, China (Mainland)
Telefono 86-159-71248518
Fax 86-159-71248518
Chiusura lampo/Codice di alberino 432000
Persona di contatto Mrs. Missy Wang