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Biogas Pump

Categoria di prodotto Termica di pompa di della di Riscaldatori di acqua,OEM & ODM per i prodotti di energia,Ventilatori di foglio
Metodo di vendite Esportazione,Fabbricazione,OEM/ODM
Termine di pagamento T/T,L/C a vista
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  • Taiwan
  • 03/01/2023

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MRV Series Three Lobes Roots air blower,Roots type blower,Roots blower function,Vacuum Blower,Blowers vacuum pump,positive displacement blower,pd blower         There are two sets of rotor in the air compartment of the blower body,and when they operate in opposite directions,suck in air to balance the pressure created due to the volume V change on the inlet side.And the air of the volume V will be sent out thru the outlet side and the high pressure will be created thru the outlet mouth. Also, there is no need to apply any lubrications between the two rotors because of the existing gap between them., which gives no worry about the possibility of getting any friction. It runs well in high speed snd gives clean air.It also can be used in vacuum circumstance. FEATURES Stable air flow and less pressure variation. Clean air not with oil moist. Construction simple and easy maintenance. Bearings are all lubricated by oil moist. Lower noise. Longer bearing life. Lower energy consumption. Food processing - The vacuum is used to season food. Vacuum pump for washer of hydrocarbon system - Because drain ofsolvent can be collected, the roots type vacuum pump is the best. Vacuum pump for washer of water system - It is used for the vacuum drying. Leak test - The vacuum is used for the leak test. Concentration - The concentrate uses the vacuum evaporation. PSA - The combination of blower and the vacuum pump is used. Dehydration - The vacuum pump is used to dehydrate at the paper factoty and the fiber factory. Vacuum car - The vacuum pump is used to clean colloidal sediment and filth and to transport the particle. Transportation of particle - The vacuum pump is used to transport soybean, rice, wheat and particle etc. Paper feed of print machine - When the paper printed with high-speed press is decelerated before it is piled up, the vacuum is used to hold paper in deceleration roller. Filter - A strong vacuum shortens time for the liquid to pass the filter. Exhaust gas detector of car - Vacuum pumps draw exhaust gas through gas-analysis systems. Fixing the work - A chip and plastic etc. Non- magnetic small matelials can be fixed to the worktable. Adsorption - The adsorption transpoltation of the heavy lift such as iron plates and the breakable glass is possible. Punching machine - The vacuum is used to collect the paper of the remainder that punching was done. Vacuum packing of food - It is used to pack the perishable foods such as vegetable and meat in the vacuum. Heat treatment - Neither oil nor air, etc. should mix with the reactor. Combustion gas collection - Vacuum is used to transport the combustion gas of the high tempetature degree and to desulfurize exhaust gas. Cleaner - The vacuum is widely used as a general industrial cleaner and a dust collection machine. Expansion by adsorption - The vacuum is used for the measurement wrapping and the bag-filling machine. Transportation of water with which particle mixes - The vacuum is used for the collection such as fingerlings. Priming of pump - The vacuum is used for priming of pump. Removal of chips - The vacuum is used to collect the rubbish of plastic etc. generated when processing it. Welding machine - The vacuum is used to collect the smoke generated in the welding openation. Vacuum casting - The vacuum is used for the V process cast. Collection of colloidal sediment Constiuction - The vacuum is used to remove the dust and the gas, etc. generated on a narrow constiuction site. Vacuum dtainage - PERFORMANCE Wide range for air volume , pressure and vacuum. Bore : 40A ~ 400A (1.5" ~ 16") Capacity : 0.5 ~ 360 m3/min Pressure : 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Vacuum : -5000 mmAq MRV TYPE PERFORMANCE TABLE (VACUUM TYPES) CERTIFICATE PRODUCTION LINE PACKAGE Tag Root Blower Blower   Related ProductsRelated Documents Three Lobes Roots Blowers (Pressure Types) MRT Series Three Lobes There are two sets of rotor in the air compartment of the blower body,and when they operate in opposite directions,suck in air to balanc
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THREE LOBES ROOTS BLOWERS (VACUUM TYPES), Suction vacuum blower, Suction vacuum Lu's blower, Aeration blower
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