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Toys 2019 Anti-Malaria Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil Outdoor Playing Mosquito Repellent Clip

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  • Paese/Regione: Taiwan
  • Città: Taoyuan
  • Persona di contatto: Mr. Lewis
  • Telefono: 886-2-8209-7328
  • Fax: 886-2-8209-5985
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Toys 2019 Anti-Malaria Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil Outdoor Playing Mosquito Repellent Clip

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  • Taoyuan , Taiwan
  • AM103
  • CEI
  • high density non-toxic spinning
  • 12/25/2018

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  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 500000 parti / mese
  • Tawiwan
  • Customized
  • ** (cm)

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Numerous Anti Mosquito / Mosquito Repellent Products on the market were found that most of them contain an active ingredient, DEET. DEET are proven to be a potential threat to our human body if improper used. In some cases, it even lead to severe epidermal reactions. Therefore, we strived to find the natural ingredient as an alternative for pest / mosquito repellent products.


And here is a good news for you, we brought one made by citronella and eucalyptus lemon oil to our customers. 100% DEET free natural ingredient Mosquito Repellent Bracelet / Patch, which are plant-based products. It works as well at preventing mosquito as products that contain DEET.

AM102 Mosquito Patch is manufactured with high density non-toxic spinning and 100% natural citronella essential oil and eucalyptus lemon oil, the effective natural ingredients to repel mosquitoes and insects. The Mosquito Pad is designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. Such as jogging, camping, fishing, picnic, hunting, etc.


Due to provide better service for our customers, the patch can be customized by yourself.

Fully reach your requirements and represent your brand image and products positioning.

Moreover, your unique designs made your products more competitive. 




  • 100% Natural Essential Oil
  • DEET Free
  • Natural & Plant-based Formula
  • Effectively repels mosquito, flies and a wide range of irritating bugs
  • Can be used indoors about 12-24 hours, outdoors 8 hours
  • Beautiful and convenient
  • Custom design





Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella oil is one of the most used natural insect repellent. Its efficacy of repelling insect have been verified since 1948. Several studies indicate that the hydroxycitronellal is an effective natural repellent against both aquatic and terrestrial organisms with no reports of adverse effect to human over a 60-year period. 

  Eucalyptus Lemon oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil is used for preventing mosquito and deer tick bites. When you consider the dangers of DEET and other toxic solutions and want to steer clear of them, lemon eucalyptus oil is your best choice. 

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