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Polyester yar Set

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  • Paese/Regione: Taiwan
  • Città: Nuova Taipeh
  • Persona di contatto: Cindy Huang
  • Telefono: 886-2-27995182
  • Fax: 886-2-27998661
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Polyester yar Set

Categoria di prodotto Filati di poliestere
Metodo di vendite Esportazione,Fabbricazione
Termine di pagamento T/T,L/C a vista
Ordine minimo: 500 parti
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  • Taiwan
  • 03/06/2020

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Specifiche di prodotto / Caratteristiche

Polyester  yarn set

Polyester FDY & DTY TWIST (600~1200TPM) yarn: 75D, 100D & …
Polyester & Nylon FDY & DTY dope dyed yarn: 70D 75D, 100D & 150D …..
Polyester & Nylon high tenacity sewing thread: 100D ~420D with plies
Metallic yarn MX , MS …type with Polyester and Nylon
Air Covering Yarn: Polyester or Nylon + Spandex
Spandex R/W and Black yarn 20Den ~ 1680Den 
Polyester High Tenacity 1500Den/144F for seat belt
Polyester (Nylon) High Tenacity Yarn R/W or Dope dyed 840D, 1000D,
  2000D …(also supply Twist yarn such as 100tpm or …)
Mono yarn for Polyester or Nylon: 20D, 30D……
PP R/W & Dope Dyed Yarn Non Twist or Twist: 300D ~ 4500D
Based on customer’s requirement & quantities
We passed the authentication & verification process of D & B 
D-U-N-S registered since 2010 Dec.1
Filament Yarn & Thread:
1. Polyester Dyed & R/W Yarn (S/D, Trilobal Bright& On Dyeing Tube)
   DTY: Trilobal Bright & Cationic for Carpet Raschel Blanket 300D, 400D, 500D, 600D 
   FDY(SDY): Semi Dull & Trilobal Bright 75D/1, 150D/1, 300D/1
2. Nylon 6 & 6.6. Dyed & R/W Yarn
    DTY: (Textured) 15D/5F/1 ~ 70D/24F/2
    FDY: (Flat) 140D/48F/1
3. Polyester Filament Yarn High Tenacity Low Srinkage For
    Sewing Thread:50D ~ 150D ~300D/96F
4. Polyester (Nylon) High Tenacity Yarn (R/W & Dop-Dyed)
    For Industrial Use 840D, 1000D, 2000D? (Twist
   100 ~ 2000 TPM)
5. Spandex: 20D, 30D? 140D? 840D
6. Covering Yarn: Polyester (Nylon) / Spandex
7. Polyester micro-filament Dop Dyed (Solution Dyed) Color Yarn : 150D/ 288F/1,
8. Viscose (Rayon) Filament Yarn (Continuous & Centrifugal)
    120D/36F/1 or 2 plies, 150D/48F/1 or 2 plies High Twist 200~1300 TPM R/W & Dyed Color 
9. 100% Polyester BCF Filament yarn: 1000Den, 1500Den,
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DTY, FDY, HIGH TENACITY, TEXTILE, SPUN, yarn, Polyester, Polyester yarn, Polyester yarn set
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