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Surgical Latex Glove Packaging Machine

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  • Paese/Regione: La Cina (continente)
  • Provincia: Hubei
  • Persona di contatto: Mrs. Missy Wang
  • Telefono: 86-159-71248518
  • Fax: 86-159-71248518
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Surgical Latex Glove Packaging Machine

Categoria di prodotto Impaccante di Machinery/n.e.s.
Metodo di vendite Esportazione,Fabbricazione,Commercio all'ingrosso
Termine di pagamento T/T,L/C a vista
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  • Hubei , La Cina (continente)
  • null
  • 08/24/2012

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To pack surgical latex glove one pair in each pouch.
Designed specially to meet stringent medical industry standards, this stainless steel machine ensures genuine safety and hygiene solutions for use in clean room environments. It is equipped with 2 production tracks. It works with various Pre-set width Medical Packing Paper, Blank paper and Plastics Compound Materials or any kinds of thermo-sealable Packaging materials.
The machine can be designed and made on customers' special request. For further infomation, please feel free to contact us.

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