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Silicone bonded aluminum handle

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Silicone bonded aluminum handle

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  • PET punching foam
  • 09/26/2020

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Silicon is a rubber bonded to metal that is used most often for medical applications in hospitals, operating rooms and doctor offices. They make excellent handles for medical instruments, specifically for those used in surgical situations. When bonded, the spot where the metal and silicon meet have almost no risk of contamination because no substance is able to penetrate the cracks.

Because of its extreme resistance to heat, silicon can withstand regular autoclave sterilization cycles, which is necessary for all reusable medical tools. Silicon bonded metal is also used in blood analysis, in medical machinery and for any use that would require a graspable handle that should also be able to come into contact with human fluid or high heat.

Bonding Silicone Rubber Isn't Easy
Junction (Rubber) Enterprise Co., Ltd. has developed a solid expertise when it comes to bonding silicone rubber to aluminum and other substrates.  Silicone rubber does not inherently bond well to anything - there are lots of silicone-based lubricants that illustrate the slippery nature of the base material.

Our raw materials were certified by UL、SGS、RoHS 、FDA、NFS、WRAS、ACS ...

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